Carly Fraser is a blogger, raw vegan and nutrition enthusiast who graduated with her Honours in Neuroscience. As a result of her own health problems, Carly discovered naturopathic medicine. She focused much of her time studying to incorporate natural medicine not only in her own life, but in her pet’s lives as well. Her indescribable passion and profound love of animals encouraged her to pursue and educate herself in natural animal healing, which she continues to this day. 

One key moment in her life encouraged her to pursue and educate herself more thoroughly in natural animal healing. Her life-long cat, Pushda, after a healthy medicine and vaccine-free 18 years, began to have seizures. Pushda was taken to the vet, and once it was decided that his seizures were not tumour-related (since sudden seizures can be an indication that the brain may have a growth), the vet decided it would be best to put him on Phenobarbital, a drug most commonly used to treat epilepsy in cats and dogs. Phenobarbital also has an array of side-effects like sedation, lethargy, increased urination, thirst and appetite, hyperactivity or restlessness and loss of coordination in leg movements. 

Pushda was already an old cat, and she didn't want to give him medication that would have made his old age even more difficult. Carly began to read, and research on seizures and plants and herbs that help calm neuronal activity in the brain. She found out that many plants such as passion flower (soothes the nerves and sustains neuronal equilibrium), skullcap (lessens effects of feeling overwhelmed), and cuprum metallicum (stability of nervous system) all helped provide neuronal support. 

Carly discovered a company called PetAlive who carried a product called "EaseSure," which contained these herbal remedies. Without much doubt in her mind, Carly ordered the tincture and immediately began giving Pushda the daily recommended dosage. Within days the amount of ticks and twitches he had went down significantly, and seizure episodes completely disappeared. 

Carly's fascination with natural animal healing grew extensively after her experience with Pushda. She educated herself in as many books as she could get her face into, and helped friends and family with their own pet issues. She realized that healing starts from the inside out, and using medicine to treat ailments not only covers up underlying problems, but can also lead your pet into more issues later in life. Starting from the root of the problem involves both physical and mental healing - nutrition, exercise, and stress - all critical factors in caring for our furry friends. 

Naturopet was developed with the intention to help pet owners take a holistic approach to their pet's health and to open up to the wonders of alternative medicine. In fact, many of the natural treatments used today were actually used long before western medicine, and came from the earth itself instead of the lab. Naturally, our body works in tandem with elements from the earth, not substances created in an artificial lab with harmful chemicals. 

Treating your pet naturally will not only save money in your wallet, but it will also give you more options. You will have more options for treatment and for helping your pet stay drug free for as long as possible.