Does your cat get hairballs? There are products on the market that may help relieve hairballs, but these products contain petroleum jelly which is incredibly toxic, and harmful to the health of your cat. Long-term use of these products can also interfere with your cat's ability to absorb important fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D & E. If your cat suffers from more than 1 hairball per week, you may want to help ease their distress a little by offering these simple solutions.

1. Get your cat off foods containing wheat, barley, rice, corn and gluten: these foods are not natural in the diet of a true carnivore and can trigger hairball recurrence to more than one hairball per week.

2. Try offering your feline friend some freshly steamed pumpkin: Mash the pumpkin and add 1-2 tsp. of pumpkin to your cats wet-food meal several times per week. Or, you could add it as a "side dish" to your cats regular food feeding times, and they should be naturally drawn to it if they feel it will help calm their stomach.

3. Include some probiotics or enzymes into your cats daily routine: mix these probiotics/enzymes into wet food (if your cat doesn't consume a mostly raw diet, they should be eating probiotics and enzymes daily, in addition to their regular food. Click HERE for a probiotic/enzyme mix)

4. Brush your cat! Brushing your cat is essential, especially if they have a long thick coat. Instead of them licking and ingesting all of this fur, you can help them by brushing it off, and reducing the amount of hairballs they cough up.